Durgo's unique Air Admittance Valve

For a drainage system to function optimally it has to be correctly designed and ventilated. Pressure changes that arise in the system during use could otherwise empty the water traps and cause bad odours and dampness.

Venting is traditionally done by a ventilation pipe through the roof. When Durgo presented its Air Admittance Valve (AAV) in 1974 it triggered a revolution in drainage installations the world over. Today the valves are a natural part of any drainage system. Durgo’s original design paved the way for a reliable, high capacity air admittance valve. A simple and reliable design with an ABS plastic housing and a unique patented EPDM rubber seal.

High rise or bungalow, large or small, Durgo has an air admittance valve that fits.
Millions of Durgo Air Admittance Valve are installed in buildings and plants the world
over, an unparalleled quality assurance.