Air Admittance Valves

For a drainage system to function optimally it has to be correctly designed and aired. Pressure changes that arise in the system during use could otherwise empty
the water traps and cause bad odours and dampness. Venting is traditionally done through a ventilation pipe in the roof. When Durgo presented its air admittance valve in 1974 it triggered a revolution in drainage installations the world over. Today the valves are a natural part of any drainage system.

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Safety Valves & Overflow Valves

Durgo safety valves have a unique design and functionality. The safety valves we produce today are still based on our patented 1930s design of a compression spring in a dry spring housing. Strict requirements on material standards and manufacturing precision, assembly and testing are the key elements in producing a good reliable safety valve.

All our safety valves are CE marked in accordance with AFS 2016:1; PED 2014/68/EU.

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Backflow prevention valves

Water is our most essential commodity and has to be protected from contaminants. One major risk is the backflow of contaminated water that could spread to other tapping points and buildings. It is therefore crucial that measures are taken to prevent the
backflow of water.

Durgo has a wide range of vacuum valves that are designed to prevent syphon and overpressure backflow.


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Valve Manifolds

Durgo valve manifolds are used for shutting off/filling water and oil. The manifold is a stop valve, a non-return valve and a vacuum valve all rolled into one that prevents backflow. It also has connection points for a safety valve and a drain valve. Durgo valve manifolds are mainly used in heating and hot water systems where they protect the installation from deformation caused by negative and overpressure, and help to prevent backflow.

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Tap Valves

Backflow is always a risk in water pipes and backflow protection must always be used to prevent the water from becoming contaminated. Taps with a hose connection are particularly vulnerable.
If backflow occurs in a garden hose when watering the lawn or washing the car, contaminated water could flow back into the water system and spread to other taps and buildings.
Durgo has a wide range of taps with a built-in checkvalve and vacuum valve preventing backflow.

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